ORBIT is a state of the art project management platform that enables field applications, financial systems, and quality control to work seamlessly together.

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Project Management ORBIT Data System

Procurement Management
Financial Management
Employee Management
Equipment Management
Inventory Management
Reporting and Analysis

ORBIT Project Management

Project managers have centralized, critical, real-time information available in easy to understand format
Insight to make informed decisions
Flexibility to manage projects for maximum efficiency
Properly manage jobs to stay on schedule and under budget
Stay informed, whether in the office or in the field
Increase control and minimize risk
Keep organized and maintain accuracy

Closeout and Documentation

Create, track, organize, route, and manage numerous documents associated with every project directly to Siterra and internal storage files
Managers maintain better accuracy, work more efficiently, and stay organized
Closeout documentation integrated with financial requirements
Data Project Alerts manage all document requirements ensuring timely closeouts
Microsoft Outlook integration and alert views add more convenience and speed workflow

ORBIT Material Management

Manage procurement efficiently
Real time equipment and material tracking
Maximize purchasing power
Create PO’s and BOMs directly from Scoping documents
Ensures confidence that materials are on job site when needed to stay on schedule
Manage and track customer supplied material
Real time inventory management

ORBIT Financial Management

Ensures data integrity
Provides flexible, complete financial control of each individual project
Seamless integration with Customer Systems
Audit trails and comprehensive reports
Automatically deliver information, daily financials, forecast and progress reports to the customer
Efficiently minimize questions and monitor accounts with real time drill down details

ORBIT Reporting and Analysis

Field IPad directly report real time activities
Quality Control reported daily for each activity
Safety Program required adherence on a daily basis
Output reports in any required customer format for accurate daily reporting
Each Construction Manager has access to all site data and updates directly from the field
Allows Project Managers to review all forecasted activities and updates
All Site Acquisition Activities monitored and updated daily