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Carriers, operators, and OEMs that partner with QualTek have access to a scalable and rapid field deployment plan.


QualTek’s Wireless division provides carriers with real estate, engineering, project management, construction, solar installation, and maintenance solutions from more than 80 sites across the United States and Canada. Our team of professionals will manage your project from site acquisition through on-time and on-budget completion, using state-of-the-art technology.

Featured Services
  • Wireless design, engineering, construction
  • Green Energy solutions
  • In-Building and DAS systems
  • Microwave Backhaul solutions
  • Networking
  • Permitting
  • Program management
  • Site acquisition, zoning, and maintenance
  • Staffing, warehousing, and logistics
  • Solar installation
Construction Services
  • Expert management, oversight, and project execution
  • Fully trained and licensed field personnel
  • Customized training tailored to specific site needs
  • Daily QC and safety inspections
  • Tower and civil crews
  • Nationwide pool of more than 700 subcontractors with dedicated geographic agreements
  • ORBIT field reporting systems for real-time site updates
Real Estate Services
  • Local market professionals using cutting-edge data systems
  • Dedicated A/E firms
  • Local zoning savvy
  • Understanding of core customer practices and requirements
Financial Management Services
  • Interactive customized data and software systems
  • Real-time reporting for accurate and timely billing


QualTek Wireline is a turnkey provider of fiber optic infrastructure services, including program management, engineering, permitting, splicing, testing, solar installation, emergency restoration and maintenance. We also provide industry leading customer service through our residential and commercial installation, repair, and construction. Through our call center, analytics, reporting, and logistics management, we ensure quality assurance. We drive our operational excellence through our state-of-the-art technology platforms.

Telecom and Utility Services
  • Fiber Backhaul
  • Directional Drilling / Missile Boring / Trenching
  • Aerial Installation
  • Pole Upgrades and Plant Maintenance
  • Fiber / Copper Splicing
  • OTDR Test/Certification
  • MDU Retro-Fits and MTU Builds
  • Upgrade and Sweep, Certification
  • Manhole/Handhole Placements
  • Design and Engineering
  • Drop Bury (Aerial and Underground)
Residential/Commercial Installation
  • Coax/Fiber/CAT5 Cable
  • High Speed Internet
  • Networking
  • VOIP (Digital Voice)
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Commercial Voice, Video, Data
  • Equipment upgrades and swaps
  • Solar installation
Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) Services
  • Site Survey
  • Pre- and Post-Wiring
  • Lock Box Installation
  • Channel Insertion Devices
Special Projects
  • New Product Launches
  • Trap and Audit
  • Digital Migration
  • Emergency/storm Remediation
  • Security Systems
  • CPE Changes / Upgrades
  • Wireless mesh networks


QualTek Renewables is a premier full-service provider of specialized fiber optic and electrical services, focusing primarily on renewable energy projects. We provide green energy to communities across the United States, with a dedicated focus on wind farms, transmission lines, substations, and solar farms. We offer innovative and cost-effective solutions along with the tools, skilled labor, and knowledge to help your company efficiently and effectively complete projects safely and on time.

Wind Farm Services
  • Fiber Optic Cable Jetting
  • Underground, Comm Room, and Aerial Fiber Optic Splicing
  • OTDR and Power Meter Testing and Documentation
  • Turnkey Datacom Telecom Installations
  • Trenching, Plowing, Hydrovac, Boring, and Cable Duct Installation
  • Collection System Trenching and Boring
  • Transformer Installation and Termination
  • Underground Cable Splicing
  • Electrical Testing
  • Fault Locating and Repair
  • Complete Electrical Collection System Installation
  • Trenching and Boring
  • MV and LV Electrical Terminations
  • Underground Cable Splicing
  • Transformer Installation and Termination
  • Hydro Vac Services
  • GPS Marking and Documentation
  • Electrical Testing and Documentation
  • Fault Locating and Repair Services
  • Transmission and Distribution Electrical Line Work
Transmission and Substation Services
  • OTDR and Power Meter Testing
  • Splicing and testing of OPGW and ADSS fiber optic cables
  • Installation of splice enclosures and H-Brackets
  • Cable installation and patch panel splicing inside substations
  • Trenching, backfill, hydrovac excavation, and installation of underground duct banks
  • Complete installation, termination, and testing of substation SCADA applications
Maintenance Services
  • Locate and repair fiber breaks or rat chews
  • Providing temporary connectivity and permanent restoration
  • Excavating and repairing damaged fiber
  • Complete SCADA trouble shooting, testing, and repair
  • Expanding fiber optic networks
  • Electrical collection fault locating and splicing
  • Transformer R&R
  • Electrical VLF and Hi-pot Testing
Data COM Installation Capabilities
  • Fiber Optic Cable Procurement and Design
  • Fiber Optic Splicing and Termination
  • Fiber Optic and Copper Infrastructure Testing
  • Structured Cable Design and Installation
  • LAN / WAN Solutions
  • Technical Support
  • Copper: Cat 5, Cat5E, Cat 6
  • Fiber: MM, SM, OPGW, ADSS
  • Coax: RG6, RG58, RG59, RG11
  • Wireless Networks
  • Testing & Documentation As Builts and Audits
  • Copper / Fiber Optic Data COM or Telecom Technology
Solar Services
  • Pre installation testing
  • Collection system trenching or plowing
  • MV and fiber terminations or splicing
  • Post installation testing
  • Trouble shooting and repair work to existing collection or SCADA systems

Recovery Logistics

QualTek Recovery Logistics is a national leader in business continuity and disaster recovery operations. Since 1999, we have helped our clients continue operations when hurricanes, winter storms, floods, labor strikes, pandemics, and other unplanned events disrupt their business. Power Utility companies rely on us to handle basecamp logistics as they bring service back to affected areas. Telecom companies rely on us to get their networks back online using temporary power and to resolve issues that impact their cellular networks year-round. We also support other entities such as first responders and government agencies with our basecamps and other services. Our experience from over 70 major deployments allows us to get the job done – even under the most severe conditions.

  • Catering
  • Temporary Housing
  • Showers
  • Sanitation Facilities
  • Flagging
  • Fleet Fueling
  • Logistics
Power Restoration
  • Generator Deployment
  • Generator Fueling
  • Generator Maintenance
Other Services
  • Transport Logistics
  • Food Delivery
  • Sourcing
  • Damage Assessment

RF Regulatory Compliance

SiteSafe provides premier regulatory compliance and RF engineering services to the wireless communications industry nationwide. Thanks to the experience and education of our personnel, we are able to perform better and faster for our customers, offering unmatched expertise and insight. With over 20 years in the industry, SiteSafe continues to be the industry standard in RF compliance services. What began as a company that helped clients protect patterns for AM radio stations in 1997 has grown to include a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to help companies navigate and meet federal regulations in the wireless industry. SiteSafe is the leading provider of regulatory compliance and RF engineering services through expert consultation, personal commitment, and unparalleled results.

RF Compliance Services
  • AM Detuning
  • EME/NIER Services
  • Modeling
  • Site Assessment
  • Remediation
  • EME Safety Training
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Interference/Intermodulation Studies
  • FAA Studies

QualTek’s full-service menu features the best brands in the Wireless, Wireline, Renewables, and Recovery industries.